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In every controlled process there is a measurable gap between the achievable performance and actual one. This associated with lost resources, excess energy usage, wasted materials, higher emission....

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Total Industrial Energy Consumption

"Industry's total final energy use is projected to increase from 106 Exa Joule in 2007 to 172 Exa Joule in 2030. If all industrial processes were to reach the Best Practice Technologies (BPT) level by 2030, industry's total final energy use would be only slightly lower than the baseline at 128 Exa Joule. With Best Available Technologies (BAT), industrial energy use would amount to 114 Exa Joule in 2030. Newer technologies which are not yet developed could potentially offer even higher improvement rates and therefore result in a more significant level of energy and CO2 emissions reductions."

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Industrial Energy Use and Savings Share

"Worldwide improvement potential of 26%, comprising a 15% to 20% potential improvement in industrialized countries and a potential improvement of 30% to 35% in developing countries and economies in transition."

Savings CO2 Emission Equivalent

"This analysis estimates the technical energy and CO2 savings available in energy intensive industries worldwide. The industrial CO2 emissions reduction potential amounts to 1.9 to 3.2 gigatonnes per year, about 7 to 12% of today’s global CO2 emissions."

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Site Performance Map  Gathers and ranks those conditions which keep the unit away from optimal operation.

Control Performance Audit  Integrates the process and control, minimizes the process variations.

Process Performance Audit  Improves the overall production efficiency.

Process Start-up Service   Provides stable operation from the beginning.